About Our Spas

We have a great range of Spas / Hot Tubs from the ultimate Artesian Elite range, through the wonderful Island Spas and South Seas Spas, to the Plug-In & Play Garden Spas.

Garden Spas

Garden Spas are designed and manufactured to fulfill the quality standards of our discriminating consumers; those who require efficiency, quality and aesthetic appeal. Built with an ideal combination of innovative engineering and artistry, apartment and town home owners are no longer excluded from owning a hot tub. Garden Spas are small hot tubs designed especially for use in smaller homes and tight spaces, indoors and out. Garden Spas plug into a standard wall outlet, for an easy plug and play experience.

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South Seas Spas

South Seas Spas are built to the same world-class standards of quality for which Artesian Spas is known around the world. Whether you choose our Deluxe or Standard spa, you can be sure you will feel the mental and physical benefits of hydrotherapy as it washes away the stress of everyday living. Designed with an ideal combination of innovative engineering and artistry, South Seas Spas are in a class of their own.

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Island Spas

We are committed to building the highest-performing, best-looking, premium spas available in the market. Ranging from 33 jets to 72 and everywhere in-between, each Island can be a one of a kind, a personalised retreat. You get to pick the Island spa that perfectly fits your needs. So, you can relax in an Island of your own.

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Artesian Elite Spas

Experience the ultimate with a level of luxury that is so refined, so beautiful, and so impressive that it is unmistakable. Every aspect of each Artesian Elite spa has been designed to provide the ultimate therapeutic spa experience. Behind Artesian Elite Spas’ graceful lines lies the most powerful, energy efficient, and sophisticated system ever devised for moving and controlling the flow of water in a spa. This personalized DIRECTFLOW Personal Control® system moves more water volume through the jets with greater power and adjustability than any other spa in the industry.

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Tidal Fit - The excercise pool

Swim training is one of the most complete and beneficial ways to lose weight, develop strength, and increase endurance. The Swim Jet Systems are at the core of the TidalFit Exercise Pool line allowing you to adjust the amount of current you swim against. Offered in different configurations, your Swim Jet System can help you lose a few pounds or assist in your competitive swim training.
Aquatic Training System - Your TidalFit Exercise Pool can include aquatic training equipment: To maximize your workout in your exercise pool you can add one or both of our Stationary Resistant Swim Tether and Rowing Bars + Resistant Cords.

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